Pink – The obsession continues

If you don’t like pink you should probably skip this one…

My obsession with pink has been going on for a few years now and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon. As I’m not alone in this obsession there is a massive selection of pink things everywhere you look right now. It’s a serious threat to my wallet (read pink card holder) but a feast for the eyes! I wanted to share a small part of this feast with you so I’ve put together a little wishlist. This could have been a list of hundreds of things but I narrowed it down to a few of my favorite accessories and fashion bits. Hope you enjoy!

Pink & Blush Favourites Wishlist
Pink bikini Top & Bottom from MONKI, Adidas T-shirt dress from Urban Outfitters, Nike air max trainers from Urban Outfitters, Weekday pleated drawstring backpack from ASOS.


Pink & Blush Favourites Wishlist

Pleated Trousers from MONKI, Fishnet socks from ASOS, Peach iron-on patch from Urban Outfitters, Hair pins from MONKI, Hoodie and shorts set from MONKI. 

A New Rug

Today I thought I’d pop in to tell you about my latest interior addition. I found this lovely rug in Zara Home and put it on my christmas wish list. My mom kindly bought it for me and it is just what I hoped it would be.

New Rug Zara Home - Home Tour

New Rug Zara Home - Home Tour

It’s made out of wool and the “fringe” is really thick and long which makes it super soft and fluffy, the perfect thing to greet your feet in the morning.

New Rug Zara Home - Home Tour

The bedroom is really starting to come together now. I have a few things left before all the main things are in place and I can do a little bedroom tour. I’m missing a full length mirror, a pair of  bedside tables and maybe some curtains. I have struggled to find bedside tables that I like and that go with the style of the bedroom so I have decided to make some myself. I probably won’t get around to it until the beginning of summer but when I do I’ll try to pop up a DIY post all about it here on the blog.

New Rug Zara Home - Home Tour

Hope you are having a great Friday and I’ll talk to you soon!

Sportswear Haul – Asos and H&M

Sportswear Haul ASOS & H&M

Today I wanted to share a few new pieces I’ve added to my sportswear wardrobe. After going to the gym for a few weeks now (managed to get an early start on one of the new years resolutions) I found that I was lacking in the sportswear department. I went onto ASOS and made a little trip to H&M to get some things I was missing. The pieces from ASOS were from the sale so if there is no link it means there are no sizes left, sorry about that.

Sportswear Haul ASOS & H&M

H&M leggings, ASOS Cream Sweatshirt, ASOS Cream Sweatpants, ASOS Tank Top, H&M Sports-bra, H&M Mesh Sports-bra, ASOS EPIC Hoodie

Hoodie Sportswear Haul ASOS & H&M

Sportswear Haul ASOS & H&M

My two favorites are the H&M leggings and the epic hoodie. The leggings because they are really nice for being a cheaper brand. The fabric is thinner and softer than most budget sports leggings and it makes them really comfortable. I like the hoodie because of the muted color and because it is quite thin which makes it perfect for wearing during warm up.

Sportswear Haul ASOS & H&M

This was quite a short one but I felt like this might motivate any of you who also have ”going to the gym more” on your list of resolutions. If you don’t, some of these double up as lounge wear really well, I know that from experience…

Talks to you soon!

The Happiness Planner

The first post of 2017 and I am so excited for the coming twelve months. 2016 was not a great year for me but I have some super exciting things planned for 2017 and I’m really looking forward to sharing them with you.

Happiness Planner 2017 - Serenity Rose Quarts

Speaking of plans…I needed to get a new planner for this year and I’d had my eye on the Happiness Planner for a few months. It seemed like a perfect fit since it’s all about focusing on the good things, something I feel I really need to do more.

Happiness Planner 2017 - Serenity Rose Quarts

If you haven’t heard about the happiness planner it is essentially a planner to help you reflect more on your life on a daily basis and focus on what makes you happy. They come in a few different layouts and colors and I went for the Serenity & Rose Quarts jan-dec planner. You start off by filling in some exercises to help you pin down what you need to work on and to motivate you for the year. After that there is a section for every month with an overview, a page for each day and an evaluation at the end of each month. I especially like the daily layout because it is divided into different sections. There is a to do list, a schedule section, space for your daily meal plan and exercise plan , etc. There is also dedicated space for you to write down good things from the day, what your grateful for and any other notes you have.

Happiness Planner 2017 - Serenity Rose Quarts

Happiness Planner 2017 - Serenity Rose Quarts

Happiness Planner 2017 - Serenity Rose Quarts

Happiness Planner 2017 - Serenity Rose Quarts

The planner came in this gorgeous box which also included some cute matching rose gold accessories and a few printables. There is a bucket list, new years resolutions, reflections on the past year and lots more.

Happiness Planner 2017 - Serenity Rose Quarts

Happiness Planner 2017 - Serenity Rose Quarts

So far I’m really enjoying this style of planner. It has helped me stay focused on the good things that happen each day and I really like how I get to plan my day in the morning and then come back and reflect on it when the day is over.

Happiness Planner 2017 - Serenity Rose Quarts

I wish you all a happy 2017 and hope that you are as excited about it as I am!

Talk to you soon!

Mini Christmas Home Tour

Mini Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Day is less than two weeks away (there are now three candles burning in the candleholder above) and our apartment is starting too look quite festive. Tomorrow we’re buying our christmas tree and the decor will be complete but until then I thought I’d give you a mini christmas home tour.

Mini Christmas Home TourMini Christmas Home Tour

Let’s start off in the living room. I’ve gone for a neutral color scheme with pops of forrest green and burgundy. Most of the decorations are some sort of light source but to be honest I feel like that is what creates a festive atmosphere. That and scents, so naturally I have a scented candle here. This one is from & Other Stories and it is their 2015 fall/winter scent. What really sold me on this was the gorgeous pot it comes in with the dark green glaze and as the color might suggest it has a woodsy scent.

Mini Christmas Home Tour - Scented Canale - & Other StoriesMini Christmas Home TourMini Christmas Home Tour

In the bedroom I’ve gone for white and grey. I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world but in Sweden most homes have some sort of advent star in their windows. This is a classic paper star but there are also ones in brass, copper or even wood.

Mini Christmas Home Tour - Advent Star

To match the star I also got this string light for the bed to make it extra festive. The sheets are from H&M Home last year but they have some similar ones this year too.

Mini Christmas Home Tour Mini Christmas Home Tour

I also just had to show you my chocolate advent calendar. It is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen and it acts as a Christmas decoration on its own. The chocolate figures inside are three-dimensional and oh so delicious.

Mini Christmas Home Tour - Advent Calendar

Lastly I’m giving you a little sneak peak of my bar cabinet setup. We are throwing the christmas festivities at ours this year and I thought I’d show you how I plan on setting the table and give you a full tour of the bar as we get closer to the day.

Mini Christmas Home Tour - Bar Cabinet Mini Christmas Home Tour - Bar - Paper Straw

I hope you are all having a lovely December so far and I’ll talk to you soon!

Christmas Ornament Wishlist

Christmas Ornament Wishlist - Anthropologie bauble set

December is here and the festivities can officially begin! I will be posting christmasy content all through December so stay tuned. Todays post is a short but sweet one. Ever since I’ve been little we’ve had a huge Christmas tree filled with all kinds of baubles and ornaments. Naturally I wanted to continue in the same style when I moved out so every year since then I try to add a few new and exciting pieces to my collection and this is the list of the ones I’ve had my eye on for this year. I found that when I was looking at ornaments I was particularly interested in three different categories so I’ve divided this into Tropical, Edible and Classic ornaments. The picture above is a set of baubles from Anthropologie that you can find here.

The Tropical

Christmas Ornament Wishlist - Tropical Ornament - Cactus Parrot Flamingo

Cactus from Oliver Bonas, Parrot from Liberty London and Assorted Tropical Ornaments from West Elm, sadly these last three are no longer available online but if you have a West Elm store near you I would definitely recommend popping by to see if they are in stock.

The Edible

Christmas Ornament Wishlist - Edible ornaments - Pickle Champagne Honeycomb

Sparkly Pickle from Urban Outfitters, Champagne Bottle from Anthropologie and Honeycomb from John Lewis.

The Classic 

Christmas Ornament Wishlist - Classic Baubels - John Lewis

Pink Iridescent Drop  from John Lewis, Ombre Glass Ornament from Oliver Bonas and Mint Green Droplet Bauble from John Lewis.

I hope this gave you some christmas tree inspiration and let me know in the comments if there are any special ornaments you’ve been eyeing up this season.

Talk to you soon!

Halloween Cocktails

Halloween is almost here! I plan on taking it easy with a glorious bath and a horror movie marathon but this post is for all you party people out there, planning on throwing the spookiest gathering of the year.

Spooky Harry Potter Halloween Cocktails - Bits & Spaces

I have created two classy Harry Potter cocktails that I will share with you today. Now wether you are throwing a party with a HP theme or not these two cocktails are the perfect spooky-looking duo. Just change up the names and they can fit into any theme you desire. How about Werewolf Soul and Full Moon or maybe Raven Feathers and Graveyard Fog? The possibilities are endless but I think I will stick to my beloved Harry Potter.

The Death Eater - Spooky Harry Potter Halloween Cocktails - Bits & Spaces

The Death Eater

Despite it’s grim name and appearance this  is a wonderful, fruity cocktail with a prominent raspberry flavor. The lime gives it just the right amount of acidity so be warned, it’s dangerously easy to drink.

  • 30 ml Vodka
  • 20 ml Chambord (or other raspberry liqueur)
  • 30 ml Lime juice
  • 20 ml Simple syrup
  • 1 tsp Black food coloring
  • Soda water
  • Ice

The Death Eater - Spooky Harry Potter Halloween Cocktails - Bits & Spaces

  1. Add the vodka, Chambord, lime juice, simple syrup and black food coloring to a cocktail shaker and give it a good shake.
  2. Put some large ice cubes into a highball glass and fill a third of it with soda water.
  3. Slowly pour the contents of the shaker into the glass and watch as the darkness takes over.

The Pensieve - Spooky Harry Potter Halloween Cocktails - Bits & Spaces

The Pensieve

This is essentially a Fitzgerald with edible shimmer. As all sours it is quite… sour, but it’s also packed with flavors from the gin and the bitters.

  • 50 ml Gin (I used Tanqueray)
  • 30 ml Lemon juice
  • 20 ml Simple syrup
  • 3 drops of Angostura bitters
  • 1/3 tsp Edible Pearl shimmer
  • Ice

The Pensieve - Spooky Harry Potter Halloween Cocktails - Bits & Spaces

  1. Add all your ingredients into a cocktail shaker with some ice and shake, shake, shake.
  2. Pour into a champagne coupe and serve.

The Pensieve - Spooky Harry Potter Halloween Cocktails - Bits & Spaces

I hope that you will have a wonderful halloween and if you end up making any of the cocktails please comment and let me know what you thought of them.

Spooky Harry Potter Halloween Cocktails - Bits & Spaces

Talk to you soon!

Fall Wardrobe Update – Zara, Monki, & Other Stories

I will try not to ramble on and on about how fall is my favorite season since I feel like that is all I do these days, but I will quickly tell you that one of the reasons I love it so much is because of the clothes. You get to wear just the right amount, not just one layer like in the summer but not 800 layers like in the winter and most of the time it’s all just really snuggly. I mean take the really big scarves that essentially mean you get to wear a blanket outside and no one will care.

Fall Wardrobe Update - Zara, Monki, &OtherStories

Now my fall wardrobe needed a bit of an update so in the past few weeks I’ve done some shopping. I went into Zara, & Other Stories and Monki to find a few things I was missing. First out I picked up this gorgeous slip dress from Zara, perfect for layering with cardigans, scarves and coats. I also think it will be a great piece for when all the different christmas gatherings come around. I will get a lot of use out of this during the festive season.

Fall Wardrobe Update - Zara, Monki, &OtherStories -Slip Dress

Next up from Zara I got this skirt. I’ve been looking for a skirt like this for absolute ages but none of them have been right. They’ve either not fit right or the color or print has been off, this one though is just perfect. I love the colors, the ”grandma’s old couch” pattern and how it just goes so well with the rest of the clothes in my wardrobe.

I am an avid black high waisted skinny jeans wearer and I go through a pair every three to four months. When I say go through I don’t mean that they get faded or dull and I want a new pair, I mean they break. I get this hole on the inside of my thigh and it isn’t very nice #nothighgap. Since I need new ones quite often I don’t feel like spending loads of money on jeans from fancy brands, I usually turn to Monki who have a decent selection and they are really affordable. I’ve tried several of their models but this time I think I’ve found the perfect pair for me, the Oki cropped black deluxe. I’m quite short (160 cm) so on me they are a perfect regular length and when I roll them up twice they are just the right cropped length.

Fall Wardrobe Update - Zara, Monki, &OtherStories

Fall Wardrobe Update - Zara, Monki, &OtherStories - Lace Bras

The last clothing bits are these two bras from & Other Stories. I needed a light wireless triangle bra to go under the Zara slip dress and I couldn’t help but get the red one too because it was just so pretty. I mean the detail on the back is gorgeous and I really like wearing these type of bras underneath all the cozy knits. It just makes me feel a little bit more special on an average day.

Fall Wardrobe Update - Zara, Monki, &OtherStories - Lace Bra Detail
Just look at that detail!

I was planning on including the shoes and accessories I’ve bought lately but this post is already really long and rambley so I think I will end it here and put up a separate post featuring all things accessories. Stay tuned for that in the near future and if you want to stay updated on all my posts just go over and follow me on bloglovin’.

Talk to you soon!


Fall Blanket Wishlist

Fall Blanket Wishlist

It is officially fall, the best season of the year! I just love everything about it. The clothes, the colors, the hot drinks, the combination of crisp sunny days and rainy ones, just all of it! It is the coziest season and I do love me some cozy, especially when it involves cuddling up under all the blankets and pillows I own. Now I do have a few blankets already but can you really have too many? I’m doubtful and therefor, in celebration of the first day of fall, I have put together a list of the blankets I wouldn’t mind cuddling up under this season.

The Pink

Fall Blanket wishlist pink

  1. Rosette Cozy Texture Throw from West Elm
  2. Pink Checked Acrylic Blanket from Zara Home
  3. Light Pink Cotton Knit Blanket from Zara Home

If you are looking for some serious blanket goals I recommend Zara home. Out of the brands that I looked in to they had the widest selection and they have sorted their online shop by color which was the best thing ever.

The Grey

Fall Blanket wishlist grey

  1. Jacquard-weave Blanket from H&M Home
  2. Knots Knit Blanket from Zara Home
  3. Moss-Knit Throw from H&M Home

The Others

Fall Blanket wishlist other

  1. Interlochen Throw from Anthropologie
  2. Golden Mohair Blanket with Fringe from Zara Home
  3. Red Mohair Blanket with Fringe from Zara Home
  4. Heradia Embroidered Throw from Anthropologie

I hope you’ve had a great first day of fall and that you are as excited as I am for the months to come. And if fall isn’t your thing then maybe you can use the blankets to hide under until the weather gets warmer!

Talk to you soon!

My Current Reading List


This summer I set out with a goal to read more books. Since I don’t read nearly enough in my everyday life I thought I’d cram in as many as I could during my three weeks off. I told myself that five books were manageable and set out to find some great ones. I read some reviews and watched some books and quills videos on youtube looking for books from different genres and of varying length so that I would have some diversity and found a pretty nice selection.

As it turns out, five books in three weeks was not a manageable amount for me. I finished one. Therefor I thought I’d set myself the goal of reading all of them this fall instead, when you can cozy up on the sofa with a blanket and some tea.

Now to the list. To be honest I didn’t really read that much about the stories but went more on reviews and recommendations. You will also notice that I am slightly guilty of judging books by their cover.

My Current Reading List for Fall

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This one I actually picked up a while ago after hearing really good things about it and falling in love with the cover. This is the book that I actually managed to read in the summer and it’s just wonderful. It’s a non fictional book all about creativity and all I can say is you need to read this! Right now.

Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

Vinegar Girl is a part of Penguin Random House’s Hogarth Shakespeare Series where modern novelists get to retell Shakespeare plays and make them their own. This one is Anne Tyler’s version of the Taming of the Shrew and I heard of it in this video by books and quills. I of course fell in love with the gorgeous cover and added it to my list.

Fates and furies by Lauren Groff

A New York Times bestseller, Barack Obama’s book of the year and Amazon.Com’s 2015 Best book of the year. And again. The cover. As you may have noticed by now I really love a good looking book.

Girl Up by Laura Bates

Another non fiction, but this one is all about feminism. I’ve heard mixed reviews of this but thought I would give it a go just to get some variation.

My Current Reading List for Fall - Little Women

Little Women Louisa May Alcott

Lastly I thought I’d throw in a bit of a classic. Again I first fell in love with this when I saw the cover but after reading a little bit about it I realized it would be a great casual read. I’ve read quite a few of these Jane Austen-type books and I really enjoy them. They are very comforting and relaxing for some reason.

My Current Reading List for Fall

And those are the books I plan to read this fall, with the addition of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child of course. No reading list for this fall is complete without a bit of HP. I hope that gave you some inspiration and I would love to know what you are reading this fall.

Talk to you soon!