Bedroom Appreciation

Cozy Bright Bedroom

I’m loving our bedroom right now. Maybe it’s the fact that the closet is all organized, that there is an excessive amount of pillows on the bed, the amazing tropical H&M bedding or maybe it’s just the way the evening light shines through the window as the sun sets (ohhh how poetic…). I’m not really sure but all I can say is that it’s my favourite room in the flat right now.

We’ve lived here for a little over a year and the bedroom is the closest to being “finished”. All the necessities are there and there’s just a few things to be done before the room is complete. I’m missing some actual bedside tables instead of this IKEA stool we have right now and I have my eyes set on this huge mirror to lean against one of the walls. When those finishing touches are done I might pop up a little room tour for you.

If you are looking to update your own bedroom for the summer my top tip is to have a little browse in H&M Home. All my bedding is from there plus the throw in the basket. They always have lots of gorgeous bedroom textiles and it’s really affordable.

A New Rug

Today I thought I’d pop in to tell you about my latest interior addition. I found this lovely rug in Zara Home and put it on my christmas wish list. My mom kindly bought it for me and it is just what I hoped it would be.

New Rug Zara Home - Home Tour

New Rug Zara Home - Home Tour

It’s made out of wool and the “fringe” is really thick and long which makes it super soft and fluffy, the perfect thing to greet your feet in the morning.

New Rug Zara Home - Home Tour

The bedroom is really starting to come together now. I have a few things left before all the main things are in place and I can do a little bedroom tour. I’m missing a full length mirror, a pair of  bedside tables and maybe some curtains. I have struggled to find bedside tables that I like and that go with the style of the bedroom so I have decided to make some myself. I probably won’t get around to it until the beginning of summer but when I do I’ll try to pop up a DIY post all about it here on the blog.

New Rug Zara Home - Home Tour

Hope you are having a great Friday and I’ll talk to you soon!

Mini Christmas Home Tour

Mini Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Day is less than two weeks away (there are now three candles burning in the candleholder above) and our apartment is starting too look quite festive. Tomorrow we’re buying our christmas tree and the decor will be complete but until then I thought I’d give you a mini christmas home tour.

Mini Christmas Home TourMini Christmas Home Tour

Let’s start off in the living room. I’ve gone for a neutral color scheme with pops of forrest green and burgundy. Most of the decorations are some sort of light source but to be honest I feel like that is what creates a festive atmosphere. That and scents, so naturally I have a scented candle here. This one is from & Other Stories and it is their 2015 fall/winter scent. What really sold me on this was the gorgeous pot it comes in with the dark green glaze and as the color might suggest it has a woodsy scent.

Mini Christmas Home Tour - Scented Canale - & Other StoriesMini Christmas Home TourMini Christmas Home Tour

In the bedroom I’ve gone for white and grey. I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world but in Sweden most homes have some sort of advent star in their windows. This is a classic paper star but there are also ones in brass, copper or even wood.

Mini Christmas Home Tour - Advent Star

To match the star I also got this string light for the bed to make it extra festive. The sheets are from H&M Home last year but they have some similar ones this year too.

Mini Christmas Home Tour Mini Christmas Home Tour

I also just had to show you my chocolate advent calendar. It is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen and it acts as a Christmas decoration on its own. The chocolate figures inside are three-dimensional and oh so delicious.

Mini Christmas Home Tour - Advent Calendar

Lastly I’m giving you a little sneak peak of my bar cabinet setup. We are throwing the christmas festivities at ours this year and I thought I’d show you how I plan on setting the table and give you a full tour of the bar as we get closer to the day.

Mini Christmas Home Tour - Bar Cabinet Mini Christmas Home Tour - Bar - Paper Straw

I hope you are all having a lovely December so far and I’ll talk to you soon!

Fall Blanket Wishlist

Fall Blanket Wishlist

It is officially fall, the best season of the year! I just love everything about it. The clothes, the colors, the hot drinks, the combination of crisp sunny days and rainy ones, just all of it! It is the coziest season and I do love me some cozy, especially when it involves cuddling up under all the blankets and pillows I own. Now I do have a few blankets already but can you really have too many? I’m doubtful and therefor, in celebration of the first day of fall, I have put together a list of the blankets I wouldn’t mind cuddling up under this season.

The Pink

Fall Blanket wishlist pink

  1. Rosette Cozy Texture Throw from West Elm
  2. Pink Checked Acrylic Blanket from Zara Home
  3. Light Pink Cotton Knit Blanket from Zara Home

If you are looking for some serious blanket goals I recommend Zara home. Out of the brands that I looked in to they had the widest selection and they have sorted their online shop by color which was the best thing ever.

The Grey

Fall Blanket wishlist grey

  1. Jacquard-weave Blanket from H&M Home
  2. Knots Knit Blanket from Zara Home
  3. Moss-Knit Throw from H&M Home

The Others

Fall Blanket wishlist other

  1. Interlochen Throw from Anthropologie
  2. Golden Mohair Blanket with Fringe from Zara Home
  3. Red Mohair Blanket with Fringe from Zara Home
  4. Heradia Embroidered Throw from Anthropologie

I hope you’ve had a great first day of fall and that you are as excited as I am for the months to come. And if fall isn’t your thing then maybe you can use the blankets to hide under until the weather gets warmer!

Talk to you soon!