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Autumn Knitwear Wishlist

Knitwear Wishlist

The season of knitwear is well and truly upon us! Not sure how the rest of you feel about it but i love it, I mean knitwear is basically as comfortable as loungewear but acceptable to wear in public and in my case even to work.

The only thing is there’s just so much choice that I find it hard to choose only the things I actually need. Because lets face it, I don’t need four blush pink jumpers even though they are all slightly different if you look very (very) closely.

So instead of buying every single piece of knitwear I see why not collect them into a post for you guys? That way my excessive knitwear browsing is at least useful to someone.

I’ve sorted them by colour partly because I tend to like the same colours (hello blush pink) but also because I really like browsing clothes by colour.

Hope you enjoy!



Knitwear Wishlist Grey

1. Light Grey Hoodie – H&M 2. Grey Frilly Jumper – Mango 3. Grey Cropped Cable Knit – Topshop 4. Long Grey Cardigan – Monki 5. Pearl Embelished Hoodie – Zara


Knitwear Wishlist Pink

1. Soft Pink Jumper – H&M 2. Pink Cardigan – Mango 3. Moss Stitch Jumper – Topshop 4. Blush Cashmere Sweater – Zara


Knitwear Wishlist Cream

1. Cold Shoulder Jumper – Mango 2. Cream Cashmere Sweater – Zara 3. Long Cream Cardigan – Zara 4. Cream Cropped Cable Knit – Topshop

What are your favorite knitwear pieces at the moment?

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