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Christmas Gift Guide – The Homebody

Christmas Gift Guide - The Homebody

There are only two more days untill December and I’ve decided that it is finally ok to start getting really excited for christmas. If you even like or celebrate christmas that is, but since I really do I can now start to get into the festive spirit for real.

For me, an important part of getting festive is to plan and buy christmas presents for the people I love. Partly because I really enjoy giving gifts that I think will be appreciated but also because It can be a bit stressful so getting it out of the way enables me to relax and enjoy all the other parts of the festive season. I keep a list on my phone where I write down anything I see during the year that I think would fit a certain person or even things that they talk about or that notice they like. This comes in very handy when christmas or birthdays come around because I usually have an Idea of what to look for. When that is not the case I very often turn to gift guides for inspiration. Kate la vie is my go to at the moment, her guides are always really helpful and inspiring (I mean the photography is just gorgeous). Since I find gift guides so helpful I thought why not make one myself? and now here I am with my first christmas gift guide of the season.

Christmas Gift Guide - The Homebody

For the homebody I’ve chosen items that amp up the coziness  levels in their life. Snuggly loungewear for comfort, things like blankets and scented candles to set the scene and pamper items for ultimate relaxation. These gifts are for that friend that rather stats in and enjoys a nice long bath or snuggling up under a blanket with a cup of tea.

I hope this will help you out in your gift planning and that yo get a stress free holiday season.

Christmas Gift Guide - The Homebody

1. Elderflower & Lime Candle – £17.50

2. Faux Fur Throw – £128

3. Crushed Velvet Lounge Set – £38

4. Pink Fizz Bath Salt – £6

5. Green Velvet Dressing Gown – £69.99

6. JUL Scented Candle – £29

7. Sea Cucumber Sheet Masks – £42 (for 8)

8. The Year of Cozy – £12.46

9. MOA Bath Potion – £27.50

10. Turquoise Tea Pot – £25

11. Lemon Pyjama Set – £26

12. Bath Salt Set – £24.37

13. Faux Fur Slippers – £35

14. Burgundy Fisherman Jumper – £44

15. Little Women – £11.57

16. Washed Linen Bedding – £79.99

17. Silk Eyemask – £29

18. Lush Best Wishes Gift Box – £16.95

Christmas Gift Guide - The Homebody

What are your go to places for gift inspiration? Tell me in the comments bellow!

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