Fall Wardrobe Update – Zara, Monki, & Other Stories

I will try not to ramble on and on about how fall is my favorite season since I feel like that is all I do these days, but I will quickly tell you that one of the reasons I love it so much is because of the clothes. You get to wear just the right amount, not just one layer like in the summer but not 800 layers like in the winter and most of the time it’s all just really snuggly. I mean take the really big scarves that essentially mean you get to wear a blanket outside and no one will care.

Fall Wardrobe Update - Zara, Monki, &OtherStories

Now my fall wardrobe needed a bit of an update so in the past few weeks I’ve done some shopping. I went into Zara, & Other Stories and Monki to find a few things I was missing. First out I picked up this gorgeous slip dress from Zara, perfect for layering with cardigans, scarves and coats. I also think it will be a great piece for when all the different christmas gatherings come around. I will get a lot of use out of this during the festive season.

Fall Wardrobe Update - Zara, Monki, &OtherStories -Slip Dress

Next up from Zara I got this skirt. I’ve been looking for a skirt like this for absolute ages but none of them have been right. They’ve either not fit right or the color or print has been off, this one though is just perfect. I love the colors, the ”grandma’s old couch” pattern and how it just goes so well with the rest of the clothes in my wardrobe.

I am an avid black high waisted skinny jeans wearer and I go through a pair every three to four months. When I say go through I don’t mean that they get faded or dull and I want a new pair, I mean they break. I get this hole on the inside of my thigh and it isn’t very nice #nothighgap. Since I need new ones quite often I don’t feel like spending loads of money on jeans from fancy brands, I usually turn to Monki who have a decent selection and they are really affordable. I’ve tried several of their models but this time I think I’ve found the perfect pair for me, the Oki cropped black deluxe. I’m quite short (160 cm) so on me they are a perfect regular length and when I roll them up twice they are just the right cropped length.

Fall Wardrobe Update - Zara, Monki, &OtherStories

Fall Wardrobe Update - Zara, Monki, &OtherStories - Lace Bras

The last clothing bits are these two bras from & Other Stories. I needed a light wireless triangle bra to go under the Zara slip dress and I couldn’t help but get the red one too because it was just so pretty. I mean the detail on the back is gorgeous and I really like wearing these type of bras underneath all the cozy knits. It just makes me feel a little bit more special on an average day.

Fall Wardrobe Update - Zara, Monki, &OtherStories - Lace Bra Detail

Just look at that detail!

I was planning on including the shoes and accessories I’ve bought lately but this post is already really long and rambley so I think I will end it here and put up a separate post featuring all things accessories. Stay tuned for that in the near future and if you want to stay updated on all my posts just go over and follow me on bloglovin’.

Talk to you soon!


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