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My Makeup Setup & a Few Staples

My Makeup setup and a few staples - Bits & Spaces

Hi and welcome to my little makeup corner, emphasis on little. Compared to a lot of these posts my makeup setup will be very minimal. I basically only wear makeup during the weekends if I’m doing something or going somewhere, so I really don’t need much.

My Makeup setup and a few staples - Bits & Spaces

When it comes to things like foundation, concealer, powder, mascara and eyebrow products (basically the base of my makeup) my mission is to find something that ticks all my boxes and then stick to that. When it comes to base I just don’t feel like I need to experiment too much. In my years of wearing makeup I have actually managed to find a few things that, for now, work perfectly for me. My makeup staples if you will. I’ll be talking about those later but first things first.

My Makeup setup and a few staples - Bits & Spaces

My Makeup setup and a few staples - Bits & Spaces

The Setup

I do my makeup by the bedroom window. I’ve added this little clamp tray to the window sill for some extra space. It holds all the things I use on a regular basis. Brushes, eyeliners and my eyebrow pencil go in this ceramic penholder and I keep my beautyblender in this little stand that is actually an egg cup! Top tip if you are struggling to find something to hold your beautyblender, especially whilst it dries.

The things that I’m not using at the moment are kept in two boxes on the other side of the window. The large one holds extra brushes and an eyeshadow palette or two and the small one holds smaller things (duh!) like lipsticks, testers and backups of my fave eyebrow pencil.

And that is all the storage I need for my makeup, like I said, it’s quite the minimal setup.



My Makeup setup and a few staples - Bits & Spaces

It Cosmetics CC Cream - My Makeup setup and a few staples - Bits & Spaces

My Makeup setup and a few staples - Bits & Spaces

The Staples

Now for the products that wont be switched out any time soon and that I will repurchase time and time again.

Foundation. The It Cosmetics CC Cream is my idea of a perfect base. It has just the right amount of coverage and glow. I know this technically is a cc cream and not a foundation but compared to my origins cc cream that I wear on non makeup days it is definitely more of a foundation both in texture and in coverage.

Eyebrows. Like a lot of people I have tried, and really liked, the Anastasia Brow Wiz. I loved the fine nib but found the actual product to be a bit tricky to work with and a bit pricey. I searched for a cheaper alternative and found the NYX Micro Brow Pencil. It’s not only cheaper but the formula is so much easier to work with. It’s not as soft as the Anastasia one and that gives me a bit more control.

Lashes. My lashes are naturally curled and long so what I look for in a mascara is definition and a bit of volume. You would think that I’d have no problem finding a mascara with requirements that basic. Turns out that’s not the case. Because my lashes are quite curled they go all tangly in the outer corner and it’s a pain to try and get them nicely coated. After trying a fair share over the years there is only one mascara that has managed to tame my unruly lashes. Benefit’s They’re Real. It’s the combination of a very liquid formula and the spiky ball at the end of the wand. The spike ball is the only thing I’ve found that allows me to easily grab, untangle and coat every single lash.

My Makeup setup and a few staples - Bits & Spaces

That’s it! (as if this post wasnt really long and rambly…) I hope you enjoyed seeing my minimal makeup setup and please tell me any of your makeup staples in the comments bellow.

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